Van Morrison Isn’t Afraid Of COVID-19

Singer-songwriter/poet-philosopher Van Morrison isn’t happy about coronavirus safety regulations putting so many delays into live concert tours around the world. He started the “Save Live Music” petition campaign to get events running again at full capacity despite the virus pandemic. He hopes other musicians, music producers and song writers will join the cause. Legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber was the first big name to sign up.

Morrison, who turns 75 on 8/31/20, will return to the stage in Europe starting with a show at the Newcastle Racecourse in the United Kingdom on 9/3/20. They will be limited capacity events with social distancing rules in place. He said the half crowd sizes are not economically viable for artists and called all of the talk on the crowd rules “pseudoscience”.

Back in March, the usually press-shy soul and blues rocker told U.K. media that he hated being stuck in lockdown but he was trying to make the best of it by doing even more writing for new songs. He said he felt like he was getting lazy after doing several shows in a row and then being forced to stop suddenly like the rest of the world.

Morrison has always been known as a star who loves performing live on stage for people. Once a new album is released to the public, he’s immediately working on another one. He isn’t fond of long studio recording sessions, or doing album PR, because he’d rather be on the road.

I spoke to a Michigan nurse at Henry Ford hospital in Wyandotte this evening to get her thoughts on Morrison’s “pseudoscience” claims. She said, “You only live once, but the virus is definitely real. More power to him”.

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