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UWN/NWA ”Prime Time Live” Ep. 4 Results 10/6/20

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United Wrestling Network and National Wrestling Alliance results of Episode 4 live on FITE TV from Long Beach, California, USA 🇺🇸 at Thunder Studios on 10/6/20:

Levi Shapiro pinned Bryan Idol after Howdy Price interfered and tossed a cowboy boot into the ring to distract the referee. That allowed Shapiro to “load up” a glove to give Idol a knockout blow.

Future Stars of Wrestling Women’s Champion Lacey Ryan pinned Vipresss after an exploder knee shot to the face.

Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl beat Ricky Mandel and Richie Slade after their Power Ballad finisher. They dedicated the win to Eddie Van Halen.

Chris Dickinson pinned Platinum Max Caster after the DVD.

Bad Dude Tito Escondido and Che Cabrera beat Papo Esco and Danny Limelight when Limelight was pinned after a wheelbarrow/cutter double team finisher.

The announcers teased that there will be a big announcement ”eight years in the making” on next week’s show.

Zicky Dice introduced Effy as his mystery partner for the main event.

The Pope and WATTS beat Zicky Dice and Effy when Pope pinned Effy after The Elijah Express. Effy accidentally knocked Dice out of the ring with a kick to lead to the finish. Pope cut a firey promo after the match and challenged Dice for the NWA TV Title down the line.

Heather Monroe and Hammerstone will be among those in action next week.

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