Urban Meyer’s Daughter Releases Statament After Lap Dance Scandal

Everyone not living under a rock is aware of the Urban Meyer lap dance scandal that has captivated the internet. People can’t stop devouring Urban Meyer info as more layers unfold each and every day.

Today is no different as Meyer’s daughter, Gisela, has released a statement.

“The reality of it is as much of our lives might seem different than everybody else’s we’re still human. We have human things that we deal with and this is one of those things, but the good news is we know my dad and we know his character and he’s literally the most incredible person I know in my entire


She continued defending her father with the following words, “We’re moving on and life is good. We are blessed. I have the most incredible family in the entire world.”

Shelley, his wife, also released a statement today saying they are moving on and she is deleting her Twitter. Both women have released dismissive statements. She’s previously liked tweets saying she deserves better. Click here for the tweets.

The alleged blonde in the viral lap dance has been identified:

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