Urban Meyer Nearing Deal With Jaguars

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The two-time national champion head coach, Urban Meyer, is about to become the next head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Urban went 187-32 in college, starting off Bowling Green for two years, then Utah. After Utah, Urban coached at Florida from 2005-2010 before retiring. Urban then came out of retirement and coached at Ohio State, until 2018, once again announcing his retirement. Meyer is one of three coaches to win a national championship at two different universities.

It looks like the Jaguars have once again got Urban out of retirement. If you’re Urban why not take the job? You get to coach in Jacksonville, with no state income tax in Florida. The Jags have the number one pick and will be getting Trevor Lawrence, plus ten other draft picks in the 2021 draft. The Jaguars will also have $75 million in cap space, most in the NFL. The future looks bright in Jacksonville.

The only thing is I don’t know how well Urban will transition to the league. It’s much harder to motivate NFL players, these guys aren’t college kids trying to make it. They have already made it. Another thing is Urban obviously won’t have the recruiting advantages that he did in college. Urban is one of the best recruiters ever and is what made him so great n school. We have seen college legends fail in the NFL before, Urban wouldn’t be the first.

One thing is for sure, not many coaches transitioning has as many assets to work with that Urban does.

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