Upper Peninsula of Michigan Walmart Has Security Guarding Doors Because People Won’t Wear A Mask??

An image posted of Walmart in Marquette, Michigan this morning shows what looks like a police officer next to the front doors along with an employee from the store.

After further comments it shows that they’re hired as a type of private security.

According to the post and comments on the Facebook post, Walmart made the decision to do this after people refused to wear a mask. This hasn’t been confirmed, but what other reason would they be sitting outside the door?

You know the people at the front of the door, the greeters?… Stop being so mean to them. I’m assuming that there has been way too many people causing a fit about masks to them and now they have to have security hired.

Walmart’s all over Michigan have also reportedly started to do this!

Here is one of the original posts regarding this:

If we hear anymore information regarding this we will update this story.

If you go to Marquette Walmart today and have any other information or images feel free to share them on our Facebook page! Or email us prosportsextra@gmail.com!

Wear your mask or don’t go to Walmart.


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