Upper Peninsula Jail Getting Heat After Not Allowing Man To Wear His Artificial Leg

A man claims his rights were violated when an Upper Peninsula jail refused to allow him to wear his artificial leg during a three-day stay. Ralf Keller of Sault Ste. Marie has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Chippewa County commissioners and the sheriff’s department.

He says he was being held in jail in 2016 for a non-violent matter.

Keller says his rights were violated under federal disability law. The lawsuit describes him as a “small, frail, non-violent man” whose prosthetic left leg posed no risk to other people in jail.Attorneys for Chippewa County say the jail had “legitimate reasons” to take Keller’s leg. No other details were disclosed.

The lawsuit seeks a cash award of more than $75,000.

You probably know my opinion. I’m in favor of this guy. I don’t know if he deserves $75,000. But I do know that whoever make the decision that he couldn’t wear it should be suspended. But I’ll be honest if he does get that $75K, I hope he send’s me over a couple thousand so I can get out of debt.

What do you think?

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