*UPDATE* The Clout Chasing Girls That Tried To Ruin @FaZeRug’s Brother’s, @Brawadis & Cousin’s, @anthonyjabs Lives, Exposed As Frauds…*VIDEOS & PICTURES INCLUDED*

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YouTuber, Faze Rug’s brother & fellow YouTuber, Brandon, better known as “Brawadis” as well as their cousin, Anthony were accused of Sexually Assaulting popular Instagram influencer & Anthony’s girlfriend, Emily Rose, earlier today by Emily & her friend, Diba. Here’s Keemstar’s latest Drama Alert video with an interview with the girls…

*Original report from PSE, can be found here.*

Faze Rug’s Brother Brandon ‘Brawadis’ & cousin Anthony Call Girl Who Claimed Sexual Assault To Be “Clout Chasers! They Are Right, This Girl Seems Outrageous! | @brawadis @anthonyjabs

We have a MAJOR update on the situation. Check out the screenshots, tweets & videos by Anthony & Keemstar, below…

Anthony has proof that Emily was lying…

Anthony asks why Emily waited so long to report it if it was true…

Keemstar posting a video from Emily’s Instagram Live with a guy in the background telling her to”keep crying”…

Keemstar saying the facts are piling up against Emily’s claims & says he’ll interview Brandon on Wednesday…




The claims from earlier today against Brawadis (Brandon) & Anthony were disgusting & it appears as if Emily was doing just as they said & that’s trying to finesse the boys for clout &/or money. Good thing this is all coming to light & lets hope the boys’ are telling the truth & everything pans out for Brandon & Anthony.

Stay with PSE for any further updates on the situation!

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