UPDATE: Over 500 People Planning To Storm Mysterious Paulding Light Instead Of Area 51

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UPDATE: Are you ready? Over 500 people are planning on “storming” The Paulding Light in Paulding, Michigan Instead Of Area 51.

This is an event I’m talking about – not some stupid let’s storm Area 51 to get shot by the Government event. Instead over 500 Yoopers are planning to storm The Paulding Light according to a Facebook event.

The event will take place the same time as the “Area 51 event” – September 20th and 9PM.

If you’re a Yooper you’ve probably heard of The Paulding Light – and you have more than likely been there: but if you haven’t been there or heard of it here you go –

–>Click here for more information regarding the event and The Paulding Light.

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