Update on Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X

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So far, there’s only been one trailer released for the Halo Infinite project. Since then gamers have been scrambling for more news and content from the upcoming game that will likely be released for the new Series X console that is scheduled to be coming out this year.

In an update Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg stated on Twitter

that he is in constant contact with the team behind the new game..

“Know that I meet with Halo team every week,” Greenberg stated. “They are working incredibly hard for their fans, trust me. Just give us a little patience as everyone is WFH [working from home] right now and dealing with a lot so everything is harder. But team is cooking up some 🔥 🔥 🔥”

The next official release of info for Halo Infinite will be coming in July most likely. Microsoft had reportedly hoped to make E3 2020 the hub for news relating to the new Halo project, but as the conference has been cancelled due to COVID-19 this of course is no longer the case.

It’s not yet confirmed if Infinite will be a launch title for Series X, but it would be a massive boost for the new console.

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