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Update: James Scurlock’s Family Speaks, Case Should Go to a Grand Jury

Last I reported on was the astonishing fact that Jake Gardner, Bar ow…. oh wait, I was gonna say, racist bar owner, but the people who own the spots where his bar is, kicked his ass out.

When Douglas County/Omaha Police Department released him Sunday, He was seen at Eppley Airfield getting on a plane allegedly headed for California.

The Family finally spoke, They believe that the prosecution rushed to judgement in declaring the shooting an act of self-defense. They are completely right I feel. I get that when your property is broken, it’s a natural reaction to be upset. I feel it is unnatural to do what Jake Gardner’s father did in seeking the protesters that were peacefully protesting in front of the store, Shove one because he believed that one of them did it. Do we have Jake Gardner’s dad’s statement? did the OPD interview Daddy dearest…probably not. Jake, the hot head, Brandishes his weapon, and gets involved….WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BRANDISH A WEAPON IF YOU DO WANT VIOLENCE? If you were all about your safety, you would run the other way, People never want to incite violence, treat other people the way you want to be treated, is it that hard?

The family also believe’s that this case should go to a grand jury. The County Attorney (Don Kleine) hates the social media attention he has been getting. “Statements that are made without foundation or knowledge about the case are irresponsible — they’re reckless,” Kleine said. This is the classic example of a pot calling the kettle black, because in the press confrence announcing Jake Gardner would get off for the Murder of James Scurlock, Kleine said that he only spent 1 day, a long day, reviewing the investigation that the Omaha Police Department did. ONLY. ONE. DAY.

Attorney Justin Wayne, Who is also a state senator, insists that James Scurlock was not appart of the group that intially attacked Jake.

“I surely believe none of this would happened if the bar owner’s father didn’t put hands on a young individual ahead of time. “He said Scurlock was trying to protect a family member and friend and was confronted by the younger Gardner. The attorney said the decision to clear Gardner came too quickly, compared to the bringing of charges in the Floyd case. He said the family is considering starting a petition in Douglas County to have the matter brought before a grand jury.

Nebraska is Unique in that citizen can petition for grand juries, Tuesday, both Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray, who represents part of northeast Omaha, and Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert suggested a grand jury as a possibility after people reportedly started exploring how to petition for a grand jury. Under Nebraska law, citizens would need to gather signatures equivalent to 20% of the total votes cast for governor in the last election. That would amount to roughly 20,000 signatures. There is a petition, but I’m fairly certain, the law requires them to be Nebraskans, but I could be wrong.

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