Unpopular Opinion I Don’t Care About Your Spotify Wrapped

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I’ll start off by saying I am an Apple Music user so I am in the dark when it comes to Spotify wrapped. This is the only part of the year I dislike because everyone is flooding their Instagram and Twitter with pictures of this Spotify wrapped and I would just like to announce; we don’t care.

Maybe I am salty that Apple does not have a similar feature but I really do not care about your crappy music taste. I know what my top artists that I listen to are because I listen to them all time time so the ‘wrapped’ is a stupid feature to me. On Apple Music you can look at your top played songs but it does not come condensed like the Spotify wrapped does.

Meanwhile Apple owners are defending themselves on their platform choice and going wild while trying to clown people for using Spotify. If you do have Apple Music you can look at your ‘replay’ summary to find out your top rated music and artists I guess that is somewhat similar to whatever Spotify has going on.

I don’t have a lot of complaints about Apple it plays my music that I want to listen too and it only cost me ten dollars a month so I really do not care. No one will clown me out of not using Apple Music and I could care less what other people think about Apple Music users.

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