United Kingdom Town is Going Above and Beyond to Stop People from Having Sex in Park Bathroom

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Griffin Park in Porthcawl, Wales apparently thinks they have a huge issue with people having sex in their bathrooms.

The park has submitted plans for a $200,000 project will add high tech toilets to the park’s restrooms that are self-cleaning and have sensors and sirens to deter couples from banging it out in the park.

The new “futuristic” bathrooms will use a weight sensitive floor to ensure only one person is in a stall at a time and will be able to sense if any “violent” movement is going on in the stall. If the sensors are triggered, the doors will burst open and the sirens will sound while the perpetrators are sprayed with cold water.

I guess this means that listening to the guy taking a dump next to you isn’t the only noise you have to dread when in a public restroom. Now you have sirens to look forward to as well.

I doubt this is something that will catch on worldwide. In fact, I could see this being a new destination for those crazy European couples.

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