Unique Sports Bets Available on Boxing Matches

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Most people will have a keen interest in sport, usually though it will be one type of sport that will appeal the most, and there is no doubt Boxing has become a huge industry in itself with millions of fans across the globe.

Some boxing matches are expensive to attend, so one aspect of being an avid fan of that sport is that for most people watching on television is the only option available, and there are certainly no shortages of TV channels that coverall major bouts.

One sub-industry that has of course sprung up is gambling on the outcome of a boxing match, and you may be eager to bet on boxing and be well versed at doing so. You should check out boxing betting guide if you are considering placing your very first bet on boxing matches outcome. 

If the latter is the case, then in the following guide, I will give you an insight into some of the many different types of bets and wagers you can place on that sport, to help you decide just which bets may be best suited to you personally.

Popular Boxing Bet Types

It will of course be dependent on just which betting sites or sportsbook you choose to place your Boxing related bets and wagers at, as to which betting opportunities and betting markets they will make available to you.

But it is safe to say each of the leading ones will offer a diverse range of different bets to their customers with the wagers listed below being the most commonly placed ones:

  • Outright Winner
  • Method of Victory
  • Go The Distance
  • Round Betting
  • Proposition Bets

The only downside of placing for example an Outright Winner bet, is that often the favourite to win a match is going to be available at extremely low odds, which can put many sports bettors off placing such a bet as the winning payout they will receive if the favourite does win a Boxing match will be tiny. 

How Sports Bettors Play the Markets

The savviest of sports bettors know that with there being such a huge and diverse range of online betting sites available, that does of course mean there will be plenty of incentives being offered

to them to either sign up as a new customers of any betting site and plenty of available betting related bonuses and promotional offers waiting to be claimed.

By shopping around and actively seeking out the most generous promotional offers, even when betting on the red hot favourites to win an upcoming Boxing match, those savvy punters can increase the value of their potential pay-outs.

So, do ensure you take the time and effort to compare not only the odds available to you at any betting sites, but those all-important promotional offers and bonuses too, as there are some extremely generous ones available if you do hunt them down and make full use of them.

Boxing Betting Apps and Live Commentary 

One final thing that I would like to draw your attention to, is that not only are you going to be able to place a Boxing bet online, but if you have a touchscreen mobile device, such as a Tablet device or Smart Phone you will find plenty of sports betting apps available.

A growing number of both online and mobile sportsbooks also stream live commentary and, in some cases, live footage from major Boxing matches and as such if the only options of you to watch a Boxing match is to access a Pay as You View TV Channel, consider making use of those live commentary and/or live video streaming features at an online or mobile bookies site.

Often you will discover as long as you place a bet on any upcoming Boxing match you will then have access to the audio or video from that match for free at selected betting sites or via a mobile betting app, thus saving you the cost of subscribing to one of the pay to view TV channels.

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