Unforgettable Moment in Astros Opener

We all know the first game of the year for the World Champions of that sport is suppose to be cool, memorable, and sometimes emotional. Well, for the Houston Astros we can say it was definitely memorable.

However, we will get it to them, they never had to unveil a World Championship banner before. After announcing all the players and staff, the next thing was to show the pennant to celebrate the franchise’s first championship.

What the players, coaches, and fans did not expect, multiple people and a leaf blower to make it happen. Everyone out of their seats, dead silence to commemorate history, and every one could not help but laugh.

Here is what it looked like:

It took three guys to get it off, one with a pole, one with a leaf blower, and one on a ladder trying to loosen the curtain. It was definitely a sight to see.

You can even see players like Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve trying not to laugh at the situation happening in the outfield.

After nearly a minute of struggling, they finally got the curtain off and everything continued on as scheduled.

Houston started the season with three wins against the Texas Rangers in Texas, and are now opening against the Baltimore Orioles. It is the bottom of the seventh, Houston is winning 6-0.

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