Undertaker Retires from WWE – @Undertaker #TheLastRide #ThankYouTaker

Pro Wrestling retirements never seem to stick for whatever reasons, I feel this one will stick. The final episode of “The Last Ride” was released today, June 21st. The ending of the episode has a Frank Sinatra’s “My way” type of finish to it. It felt like Undertaker saying this is end, and Sure enough #Thankyoutaker is trending. We did learn about his 15 year deal he signed with the company over a year ago, so who knows if VInce will use Undertaker in case of an emergency. but here are some highlights from the end of the Documentary.

“I have no desire to get back in the ring.”

This last bit of it kinda draws me to tears, I mean I freaked out when Taker’s streak ended, but man I cried like a toddler after this ended. Watch how it ends below:

What a fucking Legend!? I mean it doesn’t feel sinful to say that now! Happy Retirement Undertaker!


Thanks for this GEM!

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