UFC Gets New Uniform Sponsor

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Today ESPN Reported that all UFC Fighters will now wear’s logo on their walkout and fight gear as part of a 9-figure-deal. I can’t lie and say that would have been my first choice, but hey at least the UFC’s getting some cash out of it. And by UFC, I mean Dana and the other executives, the fighters cut of the deal is yet to be announced.

So, good for the UFC for nailing down those nine figures, but man is that logo atrocious. Like, I’m pretty sure the font on it is 12-pt arial, which isn’t exactly fitting for a cage fight. But hey, at least it won’t prompt me to take my eyes off of the fight to get a crypto portfolio going for myself.

Perhaps there’s a verbal part to the deal as well. Maybe McGregor gets on the mic before the fight this weekend and starts explaining the difference between ethereum and bitcoin to everyone, in hopes that we all rush to to make an account. Hell, I bet half the fighters wearing this thing don’t even know what crypto is. You think a guy like Nate Diaz is pumping money into crypto? Doubt it. I miss the days of monster energy and condom depot on the shorts, those were brands we could all get behind,

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