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U.P. Man Wins Near $200K From Michigan Lottery

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19-year-old Bark River man, Jarrett Vanenkevort, is feeling a bit richer today after winning over $199,000 from the 50X The Cash Fast Cash game of the Michigan Lottery.

According to WLUC-TV6, Vanenkevort was with his buddy when he purchased the winning ticket from White’s Grocery, a gas station/convenience store west of Escanaba.

His friend would go to persuade him to purchase a ticket and it later turned out to be the winning one.

“My buddy and I were in the store and he bought a 50X The Cash ticket and lost,” Vanenkevort said via TV6. “I asked him what game I should try, and he told me to buy a 50X The Cash ticket. I listened to his advice, and the next thing I know, I’m staring at a ticket worth almost $200,000!”

“My buddy couldn’t believe I won the jackpot, and neither could anyone else,” he added.

The winner is planning on get a new truck and save the rest with the money he won.

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