Tyson Fury’s dad speculates that Jake Paul is on steroids

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In a recent interview, Tyson and Tommy Fury’s father shed light on what was in his son’s contract for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul, and he dropped some absolute bombs. Most notably being that Jake was not going to be subject to Nevada State drug testing. Check out why Mr. Fury had to say.

Now, as someone who very much experienced the TRT era of the UFC, in no way am I surprised that Jake is potentially juicing. There’s a bunch of YouTube videos analyzing the guy’s physique, and most of them come to that conclusion as well. When it comes to the UFC and actual high level fighting, there’s nothing I detest more than when guys get popped for roids, like Jon Jones and TJ Dillashaw are two of my least favorite athletes ever. But c’mon, this is YouTube boxing, not the freaking Olympics. If you’re riled up that he might be juicing then you need to re-evaluate what these fights actually are.

I’m gonna throw out a hypothetical for you, but before I do let me provide some UFC history. Currently, the UFC has the strictest drug testing program in all of the pro sports, but it wasn’t always that way. Right before the current plan was implemented, the TRT use in the sport was rampant, and some guys had no business being as jacked as they were. Prime example, Johnny Hendricks. Take a look at this guy before and after the drug testing.

Johnny went from being a completely jacked-up machine, to being kind of a fat slob. So, what if Jake tries his luck in the UFC, and this happens to him? Trust me, he won’t be able to pull the no-drug testing BS there.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Everyone’s excited to finally see Jake Paul in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but then he shows up with man boobs and side fat. In a weird way I think he’d actually gain fans from that. People love the lovable fat guy, but when he’s all ripped he’s just kind of a douche.

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