Tyron Woodley Is Thirsty For Jake Paul’s Attention

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UFC welterweight, Tyron Woodley, previously boxed Jake Paul and lost via split decision (78-74, 77-75, 75-77). Woodley was timid and didn’t throw punches like one would expect in a boxing match. In other words, he put us all to sleep. Woodley was under the impression that he won the fight, but the rest of the world disagreed. Paul and Woodley made a pre-fight wager that that the loser would get the winner’s name tattooed on their body. Paul said he would give Woodley a rematch if he got a ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo.

Footage of the bet and rematch terms below:

It’s been a month and Woodley is thirsty for a rematch, so he got the tattoo. It’s completely doubtful Paul will take the fight as Woodley was a complete snooze fest in the first boxing match and fans aren’t knocking on doors trying to watch another Woodley fight.

It’s a bit disturbing that a 40 year old MMA fighter is so desperately trying to get a rematch against a 24 year old YouTuber. I get it, the payday must be nice, but no one is paying money for a rematch. Woodley is a boring ass boxer. He became statuesque in their last boxing match like he was afraid to throw a punch. Paul will most likely move onto a bigger payday and more exciting fight.

Other MMA fighters reacted to Woodley’s desperate attempt to secure a Paul rematch:

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