Types of Commonly Used Smokeless Tobacco

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Smokeless tobacco is any tobacco product that is used by means other than smoking. There are many different forms of smokeless tobacco, and their use can involve sniffing, holding in one’s mouth, and chewing. There are various of smokeless tobacco, which this page will hope to tell you a few of. Smokeless tobacco products all contain nicotine and, as a consequence, are very addictive. For one to quit smokeless tobacco can be as challenging as quitting cigarettes are – although smokeless tobacco products are used with much success in quitting cigarettes, as a problem with cigarettes is not only the addictiveness of the nicotine but the patterns of behavior and habits formed by smoking them.

Smokeless tobacco carries a much lower risk to health than more traditional cigarettes, as the products are not combusted. There is a ninety-five percent less risk of illness when consuming vaporized electronic nicotine products, and smokeless tobacco has been compared to them, so it is fair to see, there is a significantly lower risk of illness or infection. But, as with every form of tobacco, there is no safe level of consumption, and one must try to reduce consumption to prevent adverse health effects being experienced. In smokeless tobacco, there are approximately twenty-eight chemicals present in most products that are carcinogenic. Smokeless tobacco contributes to deaths all around the world every single year – so consume in moderation – consume them sensibly.


Snus is smokeless tobacco originating in Sweden. It is banned in the European Union, but legal in North America and in many other places across the world. According to the manufacturers of Odens snus at Snuscorp, consuming snus is an enjoyable experience, as many are flavored, and they are a drier option than other smokeless tobacco products, meaning there are fewer tobacco fluids in your mouth. Snus is a very popular and widely enjoyed smokeless tobacco product and one that can benefit the person trying to quit smoking. Unfortunately, as with many chewing tobacco products, it cannot be bought or imported to the United Kingdom – but it can in other places internationally – meaning should you want to try out the snus experience, you will have to go abroad. Snus, as with every other smokeless tobacco, can harm you, which is why you should consume it in moderation. Consuming too much of anything is not good for you, so be sensible in dosage and responsible for consumption.


Paan is a leaf chewed in combination with tobacco and betel nut, very popular in Southeast Asia. It is a mild stimulant and is used in social gatherings and occasions. Paan can be harmful to your teeth, but when consumed in moderation, as with all smokeless tobacco products, is relatively safe. Paan can be very addictive, and while it is enjoyed globally, you should watch your consumption and ensure that you are not developing an addiction to the substance. It is a lot of fun and is not regulated like other similar plants are.

Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco is fine, dried, coarse tobacco leaves that are chewed for pleasure. Chewing tobacco has been chewed for thousands of years and is a very popular method of tobacco consumption in North and South America. Chewing tobacco is mostly attributed to surly cowboys, spitting, and cursing. Chewing tobacco, for some, offers a unique and delicious taste – providing you like the taste of tobacco (which many do not)! Chewing tobacco is regulated by some governments and may not be able to be imported to some places in the world. Chewing tobacco can be a lot of fun in moderation!


Snuff is a smokeless tobacco product that, rather than chewed or smoked, is inhaled. It is sniffed through the nostrils. Snuff is very popular amongst older people and is, again, a lot of fun in moderation. Snuff is very popular in Scotland, and in fact, in many snuff shops around the world, a wooden carved highlander model may be kept outside the store to indicate that they sell snuff. Snuff was used in climates wherein there are fierce winds and rain; climates where it may be difficult to smoke and roll tobacco. Snuff is popular all over the world and legal in most countries. Snuff was once prescribed by doctors as a way of alleviating migraine pain. Tobacco has been used, in many forms, over the history of man to remove the pain of headaches and migraines. You may be able to derive great pleasure from inhaling snuff, but moderately.

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Dipping Tobacco

Dipping tobacco is a finely ground, shredded, and moistened smokeless tobacco product that is widely enjoyed all around the world. It is known under many names, from dip to chew. One consumes dipping tobacco by pinching some of the substance between the lip and the gum. It has also been known as dry snuff. There are rituals associated with its consumption, much like any tobacco product, from cigars to cigarettes. It is very popular in North America and is frequently consumed by those who consume ordinary snuff or snus. Try it out if you are a fan of smokeless tobacco and never have before.

Dissolvable Tobacco

Dissolvable tobacco is rather new, having only been developed in the last twenty or so years. Dissolvable tobacco is as the name suggests – tobacco that is dissolved. It is placed in the mouth and held there, and gradually, will begin to disintegrate and crumble into dust. The dust will then be absorbed by your mouth, thus, dissolved. Dissolvable tobacco can be very unhealthy if consumed too much, as with every other item on this list, but because of its rather new inception, has not undergone significant clinical trials or testing. It should be consumed in moderation and not every day. Dissolvable tobacco can be very bad for your teeth.

Why Go Smokeless?

The benefits of going smokeless are many, and if you are going to quit smoking, it may be well worth you turning to smokeless tobacco to help to kick your smoking habit. It may be easier than smoking cessation.

Now, with the help of this page, you know everything that there is to know about smokeless tobacco products. Smokeless tobacco products can be a great asset in quitting smoking and should be consumed in moderation and as part of a healthy lifestyle. Too much of anything can never be good, so limit to treats and social occasions, where they are best enjoyed.

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