Tyler Glasnow is the Sexiest Man Alive

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Let me start off by saying this, I really like females. But MY GOD, when Tyler Glasnow enters the stadium, the whole world stops for me. Lets forget about the fact that he’s one of the best pitchers in the league and he made the Yankees look like little league hitters in the ALDS. We aren’t here to talk about that. We are strictly here to talk about how good looking Tyler Glasnow is.

Sexiest Man Alive

When this man walks into the building, everyone stops and stares. Those piercing blue eyes are breath taking and then he shows off those pearly whites and the whole world faints in awe.

Let’s touch on this hair as well. Through the playoffs he has been able to show off his perfect mop top that he has. It looks so well put together underneath the cap while he has been running through each and every team he plays. Simply put, he has it all. When a man is able to put the combination of these eyes, that smile, this perfect hair, and the fact that he is 6’8″, he is able to get any woman he wants (Oh yeah, he is pretty good at baseball too). That woman happens to be his beautiful girlfriend, Brooke Register, a model of course.

So congrats to Tyler Glasnow. This man has a good chance of winning the world series, gets to come home to his smoking hot model girlfriend, and gets to live his life being the sexiest man alive. I hope he destroys the Astros tonight.

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