Two Years Ago Troy Deeney Said Arsenal Lacked “Cajones.” They Ended Up Relegating Watford Today.

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When Watford amassed a surprise comeback victory over Arsenal back in October of 2017, Deeney decided to run up the scoreboard so to speak by saying Arsenal lacked the “cajones” or nuts to compete with Watford.

It’s a ballsy thing to say, pun fully intended, but statements like that always come back to bite you in the ass, especially if you’re not a top Premier League team. That exact thing happened today on the final match day of this years Premier League campaign. Aston Villa tied with West Ham so that put all the pressure on Watford to show that Arsenal indeed lacked cajones and win in order to stay in the Premier League. Take a wild fucking guess what happened.

Even though Arsenal tried their very best to make it a competitive game for no reason, Watford were relegated. Commence the shit talking. Reminder, this is the same team that fired their manager that saved them from bottom of the table with two matches left in the season.

To top this shitshow all off, Deeney again made headlines for calling a journalist a “cheeky bastard” for asking him if he’s considering retirement.

You can’t deny Troy is electric in front of a mic. Gonna miss the Prem until it comes back in September.

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