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Two Trucks Break Through Thin Ice on Little Bay de Noc in Upper Peninsula

With the current temperatures now between the mid 30s to low 40s, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are continuing to send out warnings about checking the thickness of ice after they posted photos of two trucks that broke through thin ice on Little Bay de Noc in the central Upper Peninsula.

According to an article by upmatters.com, it is reported that no one was hurt and the water was not very deep at that time.

The DNR also included below a few tips for those who are going to be venturing on the ice.

For tools, it is recommended to bring an auger, a spud bar to check how deep the water is, life preservers, ice picks or claws, and a communication device.

The DNR also says that if any ice covered with snow or slush is considered unsafe and any fresh, recent snowfall can melt the existing ice.

If you want to know more about what to do when someone or something breaks through the ice, feel free to click here for more on-ice safety tips.

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