Two Dutch YouTubers Arrested Near Area 51 (Videos)

Reports have surfaced that two YouTube celebrities from the Netherlands have been arrested after trespassing on federal property outside of Las Vegas near the once-top-secret Area 51 site.

Govert Charles Wilhemus Jacob Sweep (21) and Ties Granzier (20), were arrested on Tuesday, after they entered into the property, despite understanding English language and seeing the warning signs not to trespass.

The YouTubers also had a drone and cameras inside their parked car at the gates, according to local police.

In a video call/YouTube clip over to KTNV Channel ABC 13 Las Vegas, one of the men claimed that they weren’t trying to break any laws and trespassing wasn’t supposed to be planned as part of the trip.

(NOTE: YouTube clip is divided up into two parts.)

Granzier is a popular YouTuber, whom he currently has more than 735,000 subscribers on his channel. Sweep, who’s also a YouTuber, is hoping they will get released from jail soon.

It is uncertain if they will leave the United States or not, pending their charges.

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