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Twitter Was Not Happy Having To Listen To Beth Mowins Call MNF Game

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Monday Night Football, the only good thing about Monday’s. What isn’t good? Watching your favorite team the Detroit Lions get smoked like they did last night to the New York Jets. But the worse part of it all listening to the game on ESPN, NFL fans from all over the world took to Twitter to show the frustration. Beth Mowins, ever hear of her? I mean if you‘ve ever heard her voice,  you’d never forget her.


Beth Mowins other-wise known as the lady with the “nails on a chalkboard” voice or someone who should be a WNBA announcer. Instead she was calling the opening week Monday Night Football game. Which makes absolutely no sense. She has bounced around a bunch of different news networks throughout her career and I think everyone understands why. Why does she continue to to announce football?.

I understand that you have a passion for the game, you’d be a good women’s sports announcer. And I think women actually agree with this post. Some women actually have a good voice for football. Not you Beth. Not at all.

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But she could definitely be a women basketball announcer, or maybe volleyball. But.. not football. This was very tough to watch.

Fans took to Twitter like normal and some of the Tweets as always are gold!

Her announcing was so bad, some actually tuned into ESPN 2 which was the same game… announced in Spanish…

Take a look at a couple of the top tweets around the Twitter world.

Like honestly for fuck-sake. It’s already bad enough having to listen to majority of these terrible male announcers. There is absolutely no need to make our life more miserable. If you agree with this, be sure to give it a share. The more people that complain the better chance of us never having to listen to her again.

Lets hope that this gets a shit ton of views and it happens.

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