Twitter is Streaming NBA Games in the strangest way possible. Announcing The ISO-Cam

Twitter has recently gotten into the streaming live events the same way Facebook Live has, having live shows on their own platform. However, Twitter is putting their own spin on streaming NBA games.

Twitter has announced that they will be streaming 20 NBA games later this year with a twist. They will only be streaming the second half of the games and will be focusing in on one single player in each game. “Who will that player be?” you might ask, well that’s up to you, the fans, to decide. Twitter will be using their poling option to let the fans vote for who they want the commentary team to focus on. They will be starting this service with the all star games and said the 20 games will include both regular season and playoff games.

Twitter has partnered with Turner Sports (TNT) and the NBA to make this interesting deal happen. Twitter has streamed other leagues in the past, including the WNBA but this is the first time they are doing something drastically different than the normal. It will be interesting to see how fans react when we get to the games to be streamed and how the viewership is throughout the 20 games in total. If I had to guess, it will be poor.

“Twitter is no stranger to sports content, but when it airs 20 NBA games later this year, it will be doing something a little different. Only the second half of those games will air and coverage will be focused on one, single player. Who that player is will be determined by a vote hosted on Twitter. The streams will feature both regular season and playoff games, and they’ll debut with the All-Star Game on February 17th.”

  1. This is a weird idea but only showing the second half makes it slightly more interesting because no one is going to want to focus on one single player for an entire game.
  2. Coming down the stretch of a tight game, this will be a very unique viewing aspect that can definitely work
  3. IF the player they focus on is a LeBron, KD, AD type it will be very cool to watch them specifically in  a game to see how they move around the court.
  4. Letting fans vote is a cool idea assuming they only put stars down as options to vote for

Now lets look at the downsides:

  1. The player that gets voted for gets hurt leading up to or in the first half of the game.
  2. The game is a blow out and the player barely even plays in the second half and we just watch them on the bench
  3. The coach decides to rest the player @Pop
  4. You don’t get the full flow of the game if you are focusing in on one player.
  5. No one will watch a Playoff game this way, especially if it is your team you are watching.
  6. If the player voted for isn’t a top 20 player in the league no one is going to care to focus on them
  7. Only showing the second half is odd.

I personally hate the idea and would never watch a game this way but it will be interesting to see how it works and what the viewership and fan reaction is.


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