TwitchTV Streamer Prime Almost Gets Into Fight With NLE Choppas Friend Live On Adin Ross Stream!!

Don’t mess with them Chicago folk, they really about they shit. So big twitch streamer Adin Ross was streaming with NLE choppa and his boys and Adin had his boys too. Now I didn’t watch the whole entire stream to see if anything was tense before hand, but I tuned in when Prime and the tweaker friend were playing dice. Apparently Prime didn’t win or some shit but he took the $40 anyways and homeboy wanted his money. Now I can totally understand if you want your money and shit but I’m positive he didn’t win he was just salty about losing so he saying he wanted his money back and shit.

Let me tell you Prime looked like a full chiraq demon the way he was looking at Choppa and his tweaker friend. Let’s picture the room here, it was Prime, Adin, and another streamer Speed. Then comes along choppa with damn near 10 people, and my boy prime wasn’t scared of shit and was ready to step on whoever. We saw he don’t play bout shit and wanted that smoke, dude didn’t want the smoke he wasn’t that tough even with all his people.

Prime ended up leaving and shit and imma say Adin kinda weird for letting prime just leave while NLE and the tweaker stayed. Now they did call Prime and FT and kinda cleared shit up and NLE being real saying it was on his boy for tweaking and shit but I’m not sure if Prime came back. Shit was wild and we saw you don’t fuck with Chicago folk they really about they shit. Hopefully shit cleared up and lowkey prime needed talk to Adin about having his back for shit.

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