Tuscaloosa Is Flooded With People Right Now! I don’t want to say it but COVID incoming… Congrats Alabama! #NationalChampionship

I don’t want to sound like a Karen – but holy shit! Tuscaloosa is flooded with people right now after Alabama just won a National Championship.

I can’t even imagine how many people are going to end up getting COVID after this. It sucks because we are getting close to a vaccine, but who am I to say anything? I’m more into Professional Football – if the Lions were to ever win a Super Bowl during a pandemic, I’d probably risk it too.

Barstool Sports posted on Twitter: Tuscaloosa is BUMPING.

Bumping.. that’s an understatement. Everyone is bumping into each other without masks and getting COVID.

I figured that other people would be complaining about the masks. But one Twitter user made a good point – Imagine what the health care workers are thinking right now/

It’s a party… a COVID party!

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