Trump Murders Dr. Fauci


President Trump took to twitter once again to call out Dr. Fauci for apparently lying about not being able to talk on television shows. While I hate politics and refuse to get into too big of a debate about it, this was way too good to pass up.

While calling out Dr. Fauci for his comments, Trump ends his first tweet with “Bad Arm” and I can’t stop laughing at this.


As we can see, Dr. Fauci threw out what might be the worst first pitch in the history of baseball. With Trump saying this, it is safe to say Dr. Fauci will never be able to come back from this. Trump tweets ALOT, as we all know, but this might easily take the cake as his best sequence of tweets I have ever seen from him. Blatantly telling a 79 year old man he threw out the worst pitch in MLB history and simply telling him “Bad Arm” may be attempted murder, if not clear cut murder. Trump hasn’t made me laugh much, but this right here is GOLD.

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