Tristin Called Me A “Clout Begger” A Week Into His Position So…. Best of luck to him… Ps…Its Beggar*

I’m normally the type of person who let’s people bash me and I don’t give two shits, because well I’m the person who…. bashes others. But in this case for Tristin, if you’ve got 100 twitter followers, haven’t made a penny blogging, just got a paid position and are only getting a couple hundred views per blog you should probably keep your mouth shut.

So… let me rewind you a little bit. Every blogger get’s added to our team group chat and we share all of our blogs in there so we can help promote each other, so in the long run we all win seeing there is a set amount you make per blog and there is money bonuses for views.

So after publishing my blog about Chad Johnson.. I tweeted it in a comment section of Johnson’s on twitter as well as tagging him in a post. Then I went ahead and asked Chad if he could RT the blog, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea, especially seeing he just gave some random person $1,500… Yeah, did I comment the Ebron blog one to many times? Maybe. But there’s a reason, 20,000 people seen it….. We’re a company that needs viral moments, and getting athletes to RT and connect in anyway helps in the long run…

So then I went ahead and shared the post of me asking Chad if he could RT it into the ProSportsExtra team chat only to be called a “clout begger”…. By who? The dude who just started here.

First off buddy, its beggar. Second off.. Shut your mouth. You have no following, you have no views, and you JUST got a PAID position blogging. Seeing he was a week into the position and talking shit about me with the Ebron situation a couple days ago, and now this? What am I going to do? What do you expect?. You’re not going to come in here and act like you know what you’re talking about, shut up, and type your blog that’s about to get five clicks. He was just starting a podcast up with Jameus Mooney, who let me add, is a beast, and well now I’m starting to think that isn’t going to happen. What’s he going to do? Get on and start bashing me right away?

Good luck buddy. Get those couple of clicks and keep your mouth shut. Best of luck in your journey,

I wonder why… Lol

Ps.. To the people messaging me and asking if that’s all he said. Picture this. A week maybe two into your job you walk into your bosses office and call him a clout beggar? Tell me how long that is going to last. They’d be fired within a minute, I don’t care if you’re Dave Portnoy, you’re firing that person. A week in?


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