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Tristan Thompson Busted by TMZ For Cheating [Video]

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Tristan Thompson is busted by TMZ he has been shown making out with one of three girls and then letting one shove his face in her chest.  She then goes down and grabs Tristan by the crotch and has a shocked look on her face.  All three girls start laughing, but I am sure now this is no laughing matter for Tristan.

All this happening with Tristan’s fiancee Khloe Kardashian pregnant and unaware.  I personally can’t stand the Kardashians and why they are famous so for me this is laughable.

Tristan since being with her has turned into a below average NBA player and maybe now looking for a way out even though he got the NBA jump around pregnant.

I am sure there will be more news released soon and of course an apology that is worthless.

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