Trisha Paytas Goes After Barstool Sports, ‘Pirating Nudes’ and Portnoy Rape Joke – “40 Year Old’s Shouldn’t Make Content With 18 Year Old’s”

Trisha Paytas who is one of the most popular internet creators and creators on the OnlyFans platform recently posted a video on her YouTube titled: BARSTOOL SPORTS PIRATING MY NUDES.

First off, that’s a wild thing to claim. But what happened was Brianna Chickenfry an employee of Barstool Sports purchased the OnlyFans of Paytas and was showing other people in the Barstool office the OnlyFans account.

According to Paytas that is pirating.

And she started comparing it to taking a video off of and posting it onto your own website. This isn’t even close to the same thing. How is that true at all. Barstool didn’t show any images of Paytas, just a video of a couple of people checking it out.

“It’s really gross to rip off sex workers, it’s not that expensive” – Paytas

Isn’t that like saying if you buy an MMA fight on your computer that only you can watch it? Isn’t that like saying if you rent a movie that you can’t let other people watch it with you?

It seemed like the entire video was her saying she makes $5 per subscription and seeming like she’s struggling. We all know that isn’t true. Of course she had to bring up the Dave Portnoy rape joke from years ago and then she sat there saying that he shouldn’t make content with Josh Richards because Portnoy is too old.

To be honest she’s not mad that they watched it at the office, she’s mad that they didn’t like the product she put on display. She then said she wants $5 from everyone who watched it… okay Paytas you want $15? Take a damn breath.

Seems weird. She has admitted to doing sex work underage, but now she is going to be telling a man what he should do with making content? Umm.. Seems a little strange.

Paytas went on to say that Barstools ratings have went down and that Call Her Daddy is UP in flames. No truth behind that.

Barstool Sports fans, Stoolies, might be thinking about the classic Pirate Simon moment. Instead it’s Pirate Brianna.

Seems weird that Paytas went on a Barstool Sports podcast, BFFS, WITH DAVE PORTNOY AND JOSH RICHARDS… And didn’t call Dave out for any comments or anything then. But waits until now when they’re watching a video of her getting railed. Maybe she’s trying to get clicks and more subscribers.


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