Triple H Is The Greatest Wrestler Of ALL Time

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Today is Triple H’s 52nd birthday and to celebrate I think it’s time to put him in the goat conversation by himself. I know there are guys in the business who have taken wrestling to new heights outside of WWE but I’m talking in between the ropes, backstage, and with that headset on. Triple H is the greatest to ever do it. I don’t think there is anybody who understands the business more than him, he truly knows what’s best for business. He’s been an aristocrat, outlaw, but ultimately he is the game. He was able to keep his character fresh though the 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s. Other than The Undertaker nobody else has had three decades of greatness like that.

As a single competitor he’s held damn near every title, royal rumble winner, and has been a main event star at Wrestlemania multiple times. He’s also responsible for giving us two of the greatest factions of all time in DX and Evolution. Forming Evolution was an early indication of the eye for talent he had by putting on Batista and Randy Orton, that same eye has given birth to NXT which went from a small feeder system to arguably the best roster in WWE.

Triple H the creator, business man, mentor, and visionary is who we see today. This version of the game is my favorite version because he’s so in tune with what’s hot and what’s not unlike his father in law Vinnie Mac. Hunter’s ability to bring the best out off young talent and put them in positions to succeed at NXT and on the main roster. I’ll be 23 next Monday so I watched Triple H dominate the 2000’s as a top heel, be the fun guy with multiple DX reunions in the mid/ late 00’s, then regain the WWE title to close that decade, and give us classics with The Undertaker in the 2010’s. Triple H has the best body of work and the best mind for wrestling ever. He is indeed that damn good.

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