Trevor “TrevStone” Uren Announces New Changes To Pro Sports Extra Staff – Brad Shepard and Blake Steele Promoted – @BigPapiSteele @TheBradShepard


Pro Sports Extra is excited to announce that we’ve promoted multiple people into higher roles. First off, we promoted Brad Shepard to a higher position last night. We didn’t only promote him, we also promoted Blake Steele to Lead Assistant. Brad will now be the Lead Manager.

“Brad and Blake have shown nothing but passion and leadership throughout the time they’ve been here. 

Blake helped build us since the start of the website, although he left multiple times to pursue other endeavors – I truly believe with him in this position he can help bring more bloggers in and create more content on YouTube.

Brad on the other hand, he will be my main assistant. Although his beef with some of the wrestling world might draw some people the other direction we fully believe in his vision and what he wants Pro Sports Extra to become. 

With us three working together we will aim to bring new podcasts, YouTube shows, YouTube Series, more social media content and more blogs! You’ll see more and more content creators joining PSE – we are ready to crank this the hell up!”

Trevor (TrevStone) Uren / Founder

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Blogging since 2011. Founder of ProSportsExtra.com, founded in 2012. From the beautiful Upper Peninsula. Real name is Trevor Uren.

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