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Trevor Lawrence Will Be The Next Big NFL Bust; Not A Promise, But A Spoiler!

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Every couple years there is the hype of a “prodigy” of sorts that will be entering the NFL via the draft. A college player who is expected to be the next big thing that will become one of the greatest players to step on the field. More often that not, these players tend to be quarterbacks. Unfortunately, most of the quarterbacks that are lucky enough to make it into the league wind up with a short career that fizzles out faster than Robert Kraft in a massage parlor.

A few names that come to mind are Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Robert Griffin III, Heath Shuler, Marcus Mariota, Johnny Manziel, David Carr, Matt Leinart, Joey Harrington, Brady Quinn, Jake Locker, J.P. Losman, Kyle Boller. I guess that is more than a few, but the list just goes on and on and on. Are these players really that good? Sure, in college they are. But part of the reason they hype is so big in my opinion is because analysts want to promote the NFL draft, and of course the more hype there is around the product, the more eyes will be watching which in turn equates to advertising dollars.

So, who is going to be the next big NFL bust that everyone is currently praising as the next coming of Jesus?

Think about it, this guy has done nothing to prove himself in the NFL and has now found a way to generate nearly $40M for himself over a four year period just in salary simply because he had a successful college career. This doesn’t even account for the endorsements he has already signed. Let’s take a further look at the breakdown of how he will be paid over the next four years.

On top of it all, he gets a $25M signing bonus that is more than half of what he will be earning in salary over a four year period.

With that kind of money right there alone, why bother trying hard? The guy is recently married and now set for life. Ok, let’s assume the money isn’t a motivator and the guy is a competitor that wants to win. Either way, I completely foresee Lawrence being a massive bust that sets the Jaguars back at least another five years as they continue to be the worst team in the AFC South.

Here is why Lawrence will be a bust.

Trevor Lawrence had a fantastic supporting cast around him at Clemson. Jacksonville unfortunately does not have the greatest supporting cast to help elevate his game play. While that is not exactly his fault, football is a team game. Lawrence cannot do it all on his own, and unless he has a good crop of players that can help him succeed, he will likely fail.

I question Lawrence’s longevity after the shoulder injury he had in 2019 which definitely impacted his stats. During that year, he really seemed to rush his decision making. If you do that in the NFL, you will see a mounting number of turnovers. The way he played in college will absolutely not translate to the NFL. Not only that, his mechanics are not very crisp. While he could certainly work on that, I highly doubt he will tighten up that much before Week 1. If he had the opportunity to learn behind a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers for a few years, that would be a totally different story.

Could Trevor Lawrence turn out to be a halfway decent quarterback? Absolutely? But is he a generational talent? Under no circumstances is this even remotely true. The NFL needed some hype this offseason, and there has been plenty of it. Lawrence was merely the fodder for this, and now there have been unrealistic expectations set for him in Jacksonville.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video below and watch the footage for yourself. Trevor Lawrence is as overrated as they come.

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