Trevor Lawrence is Awesome Hopefully The Jets Don’t Touch Him

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Trevor Lawerence is showing again how talented he is, the arm talent is unreal, his awareness, quickness, and all his other intangibles really showcase why he is the clear Number 1 draft choice. I am just hoping the Jets don’t get the opportunity to ruin him before his career even starts.

The Jets ruin everything they touch and with the same terrible owners, coach, and front office Trevor isn’t going to make a difference to the Jets and will only stunt his potentially. They literally don’t have anything in place to help him become successful no real weapons outside of Le’veon Bell and Adam Gase can’t even use him right. If I am Trevor and the Jets have the number one pick I pull an Eli Manning and tell them that you wont sign that contract…seriously if he knows what is good for him he will do that. The Jets stink and as a Jet fan I don’t want to him to have his career ruined if he is drafted by them it would be terrible.

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