Tre’davious White Out for Season With Torn ACL

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Sigh. Bad news out of Buffalo, as star cornerback Tre White is gonna miss the remainder of the season with a torn ACL. Prior to the injury, White had accumulated 41 tackles and 1 interception on the season, so he’s definitely gonna be missed on this Buffalo defense.

If you’re a Bills fan, this has to be a massive concern, right? Despite playing pretty well last night, your defense got 40-pieced by the Colts last week, and you’re still gonna have to deal with teams like the Chiefs and Titans come the postseason. Who’s supposed to cover Tyreek Hill now? Buffalo better hope they find a diamond in the rough in the secondary, or they could be in big trouble come January.

My real question is, when is the medical community gonna step in and fix this ACL problem? Screw COVID, ACL tears are the real pandemic facing this society. Seriously, what percent of professional sports stars do you think have torn their ACL, it’s gotta be like 50% right?

ACLs stink. They really do. What a weak little rat of a ligament. They should really just consider tearing less, you know? I’m tired of heaing about my favorite athletes being out for an entire year because of this stupid ACL. Fauci should step in and do something about this.

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