Travis Kelce GF Kayla Nicole Shows Off Body With Bra and Thong; Patrick Mahomes Will Have A Down Year For Chiefs | NFL​

Travis Kelce is one of the best NFL Titans and being a TE for the Kansas City Chiefs really plays into his favor seeing that they have a star quarterback in Patrick Mahomes.

Want to know what else plays into his favor? Kelce is dating Kayla Nicole who is an absolute dime. One of the best looking girlfriends out of every single NFL player.

And the thing about Nicole… she isn’t scared to show her body off. Check out some of these hot pictures of her:

Check out this workout video, daaaaayyuuummm!

Oh yeah, I mention Patrick Mahomes. Does anyone else feel like he’s got out of a down here finally. It seems like towards the end of last season people started figuring him out a little bit started getting pressure after him. But will he actually have a down year? Who knows the Kansas City Chiefs seem to just get better and better every year somehow.

But I think that’s going to be coming to an end in Kansas City will have a down here this season. Oh yeah, speaking of Mahomes… Did you see how hot his fiancée looks? Click here.


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