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Trae Young Cheating Scandal During NBA Playoffs? Terrible Timing!

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Trae Young is without question one of the elite offensive players in the NBA right now. He has brought that Atlanta Hawks back to relevance and is storming through the playoffs with huge showings in each and every game.

Before we get into this, I hate to write an article like this during the NBA playoffs, but it is something that still needs to be addressed and something we have seen a lot of during the NBA playoffs.

Unfortunately, Young has been accused of being a dirty player in terms of how he draws fouls. While that is not necessarily cheating, many NBA players and Coaches are not fan of Young and his antics. Essentially, Young will dribble the ball down court off of a screen and roll. The defender follows Young down the lane and he will quickly stop and shoot what is known as a floater. The defender will never have the chance to stop in time and will likely run into Young thus causing the foul.

In my own humble opinion, I do not necessarily see this as cheating. Is it a little bit dirty? Maybe. But he is still playing well within the rules. Unfortunately, many notable NBA personalities seem to disagree.

So readers, you tell me. Is Trae Young just a smart player? Does he play dirty? Is what he doing cheating in your mind? Feel free to comment on our Twitter page and let us know.

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