Trae Young and James Harden are in BIG Trouble

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As per Woj, the NBA Competition Committee had a discussion today regarding restricting foul calls resulting from unnatural motion on behalf of shooters. Essentially, it might no longer be deemed a foul when Trae Young throws his ass back like an Atlanta Stripper onto the weiner of his defender to get free throws. So, the days of James Harden getting to the line 20 times in a game could be numbered, but in the words of the legend Steve Nash, “that’s not basketball.”

Honestly, if this is gonna result in less of Trae Young doing the Trae Young thing, I’m all for it. The guy gets some of the flukiest, ticky tac calls I’ve ever seen, and at a certain point the refs just have to let the boys play. Honestly, a lot of the time it feels like Trae just completely spazzes out while shooting, and the refs are so confused that they just give the guy a foul call. It’s gonna be so satisfying to see the guy airball a three by a mile because he did a backflip into the defender while shooting, only to get no call and completely kill the possession.

As a Nets fan, however, I do firmly believe that James Harden should be allowed to continue to do this. Look, it’s not James’ fault that he’s a bigger guy, and defenders can’t help but bump into him when he’s moving down the lane. Let’s be honest here, when your diet consists of Houston strip club buffet food for most of your adult life, you’re gonna get a little wider, and there’s just gonna be some more contact when driving to the basket! Is Harden flopping into these guys? Absolutely not. That’s just the jerk chicken he had before going into the champagne room with Crystal playing itself out on the basketball court. Those are complete fouls and should continue to be called… but only for James Harden.

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