Tory Lanez Shot a Music Video Today and Let’s Just Say No One Looks Excited to Be In It #torylanez

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Tory Lanez shot a music video according to No Jumper NY making his first public appearance since the Megan The Stallion shooting. Take a look at the crowd of background members no one looks alive. It looks as though no one wants to be there and they are being held against their will, very awkward.

Now I don’t know if this how they are being told how to act or whatever but I have seen more people excited at a funeral this is mad lame. No excitement they are with a Grammy nominated artist why aren’t they hyped? Unless we are cancelling Tory because he shot the Queen Megan and that is something I can get behind because no one comes after the Stallion not I my watch. I would love to know the instructions of this music video because I know for damn sure they aren’t being directed to look lame. Tory looks as though he is hyped or pissed or in between and his energy is not being matched that is for sure. I don’t know what song this is for or if he has any knew music on the way but now I know I need to keep my eye out because this is interesting to say the least!

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