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Top 5 U.P. State Fair Food Stands That Are a Can’t Miss to Eat

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The 2019 U.P. State Fair is less than a week away. It means it’s almost time for us to sink our teeth into some great rides, displaying some farm and craft exhibits, and of course — THE FOOD! 

Just to serve as a loose guide and list for a lot of attending fair goers, I have put together a list of the top five fair food stands that you can’t miss while at the fair next week. 

I know some people have their favorite food vendors they can eat at and that’s okay. We all have our own. 

NOTE: I did not count any dessert stands in this post. They will have their own list. 

Let’s start out at #5… 

#5- The Fish House 

Located up the midway near the Pocket Park, the Garden, Michigan-based food vendor is best known for their fresh cut ribbon or straight fries and their whitefish. 

Their main biggest item on their menu is their whitefish basket. The basket includes a few pieces of fried, golden brown whitefish and side of ribbon or straight fries.  

Other menu items include a whitefish sandwich basket (a whitefish sandwich that also comes with a side of ribbon or straight fries) and loaded fries (a side of fries covered with sour cream, cheese, and bacon. 

It is a can’t miss food vendor at the fair if you’re in a craving for some good-tasting fish fry without needing it to be Friday. 

#4- Blue Barn Cheese Curds 

This food vendor from Wittenberg, Wisconsin-based is best known for their award-winning fresh beer-battered cheese curds. 

For a good price, you can have your own basket of curds with a dipping sauce of your choice. They offer ketchup, marinara, ranch, or you can go without a sauce to dip. 

Blue Barn also offers french fries, soda, and slush puppies. 

This stand is located on the midway, down by the Skerbeck Entertainment trailer. 

#3 Rolling Smoke Barbecue 

Rolling Smoke Barbecue has been a mainstay at the U.P. State Fair for the last several years. And they have the award-winning BBQ foods to suit any barbecue lovers’ dream.

Being from Munising, Michigan and also having a restaurant up there, they were voted as last year’s best midway food concession for the fair.

The vendor has a lot of menu items they can offer. Their main menu item is their signature Carolina-style pulled pork sandwich. They also offer for their main foods in Texas-style sliced beef brisket, and their loaded nachos topped with cheese, sour cream, olives, salsa and tomatoes. 

This vendor stand is located on the midway nearby the rides and by Blue Barn Cheese Curds stand. 

#2 Croatian Chicken

Based out of Gwinn, Michigan, the classic and famous ‘Chicken On a Spit’ is one stand that you would want to catch if you would like to have a hearty meal at the fair. 

Their meals include a choice of either a quarter or half of a barbecue chicken. Also served with the meal is a side of coleslaw and a roll. 

It is a good stand to watch out for, especially if you have a good craving for some barbecue chicken. 

The stand is located next to the games on the midway. 

#1 Norm’s Fries 

The #1 food stand on this list has always had big crowds and lines in front of their bright, blue trailer for many generations. 

And it is all due to their signature farm-raised, fresh-cut fries in a cone cup. It is a delectable delight that has served many people for many years at the fair. 

The vendor also serves soda and water for the customer’s choice of drink. 

Although they usually don’t have ketchup at the stand, Norm’s has salt and vinegar to give the fries more flavor. 

This popular stand is also located next to the games and next-door to our #2 can’t miss food vendor, the Croatian Chicken stand. 

Like I said before on top of the article, everyone has their favorite food stand at the U.P. State Fair. 

If you have your favorite fair stand to go along with the top five can’t-miss foods stands mentioned, feel free to leave a comment down below. 

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