5 NFL Rookies To Look Out For

Infusing new blood and energy into a team is bound to impact changes in a team’s performance. This is expected to show in the 2018 National Football League season, but a lot of factors are involved in the success of a draftee’s career and how they will navigate the next step as well as those that follow. Then only will we see if a draft has been an appropriate choice for his team or not?

Here are the top 5 NFL draft picks:

o    Christian Kirk was drafted by the Cardinals and already he shows great promise for he is mature beyond his years and seems to act like a veteran, not a draftee. He has a specific plan to lead him into becoming a top-flight professional receiver and will most probably be there to take over receiving once Larry Fitzgerald retires as his career is winding down. On paper it is a perfect fit, let’s see how things turn out.

o    Drafting Derwin James for the Chargers seems to be the perfect scheme for fitting a player in a team and what is noticeable is that James is a faster version of Kam Chancellor. If that is not saying a lot about him then what else could be said. He will be able to deliver impact defense plays for the Chargers especially since he has previously worked under Gus Bradley. It shows promise as a good fit for both player and the team.

o    Having added Jonathan Allen last year as a defensive lineman, the Redskins needed another defensive player since Allen was hurt early in the season. As such, Da’Ron Payne was drafted this year in the hope to pull their defense together. As it is, the duo will unite to provide the Redskins with a defensive line that should be the talk of the season.

o    The Colts offensive line has drawn a lot of attention since Andrew Luck joined the NFL. Therefore, with the addition of Quenton Nelson as a draft but an all-pro player, and some quality players over the last few years, it is natural to expect the Colts to have a flourishing season. Since he was one of the best offensive linemen, he will definitely make an impact that will be the pride of the Colts. Get prepared to support your favorite team finding cheap NFL tickets and being there to cheer them.

o    Dallas Goedert was drafted by the Eagles to tighten the ends of the offensive line especially since the Eagles are known to like having multiple tight ends on the offensive line. With his skill set, he will team up with Zach Ertz to form one of the top duos in NFL this season, and hopefully more seasons to come.

Of course, not every plan gives the expected results, but it is hopeful that the results will be even better than expectations since the draftees all show so much promise and fit their new teams with such perfection. NFL 2018 is going to be an interesting season, so hold your breath.

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1 Comment

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