Top 5 Football Movies Ever!!!!!

5. Waterboy- I mean this my nostalgia pick for sure. Is a a great movie with riveting characters? No, he’ll no but it is hysterical and used ESPN to play into the audience. Classic Sandler comedy with football at the core.

4. Invincible- The true story of the underdog Vincent Papale walking on the Philadelphia Eagles. I personally love this movie, it’s the football Rocky that happens to be a true story in Philadelphia. Also it’s Wahlberg. Classic feel good sports movie.

3. Varsity Blues- If you have ever played high school football there is a character in this movie you relate to. Whether it’s the star QB Lance, the backup who wants a shot in Moxen. The level headed all star Wendell. The big goon in Billy Bob, the party animal Tweeter. There is someone for you to love in this coming of age classic.

2. Friday Night Lights- This movie in my opinion most accurately depicts life in a small town where high school football is king. While I did not grow up in Texas, I did grow up in a small community where on Friday night or Saturday afternoon, the whole town closed and the football team were gods. They ran the town and got away with anything as long as we won. The great camera work and realistic play makes this movie fantastic and an instant classic. It’s motivational and real.

1. Remember The Titans- I mean this was a hands down winner. The true story of T.C. Williams integrating their football team and school. As someone who played for 10 years and with people from all walks of life, religion, sexual orientation and race this movie hits hard. I never had to deal with the true tensions that the movie portrayed. The one thing I do connect with is the underlying message of togetherness. That football and your teams mates are your family. That you would do anything for the guy next to you and you don’t see color just jersey color. I love this movie and I think people especially now should watch and learn from Denzel’s portrayal of Coach Boone. I cry every time even when right now watch in the clip below.

So that’s my top 5!! I also love the Little Giants, Necessary Roughness, Radio, The Express, Rudy. Let me know if I missed one, talk about it on the Spiked College Football Show!!

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