Top 5 Best Ultimate Fighting Championship Arenas

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If you like the ultimate fighting championship you will want to know more about the arenas where this amazing sport will take place. Below we are going to reveal all of the best options and the ones where the ultimate fighter dreams to fight. The biggest UFC arenas share the same passion and some of these are the best UFC arenas in the world. These are also the venues where each UFC champion will want to reach his maximum potential. Anyway, let’s see the best places where UFC events will take place. Each arena is well-known for at least one event but most are known for so much more.

UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

This is the best place where you can enjoy the tournament and fight to the maximum. It is one of the best places here, on the list and one that is well-known for its most important and most thrilling elements. It offers 130.000 square feet of space and it has been with us since 2019. An interesting fact is that this arena is located close to the UFC Performance Institute, which works as the headquarters. All we can add here is that the place hosts all kinds of events on a regular basis and every single tournament is loaded with fans. It is a great UFC place to come and visit. If you like UFC and MMA you should come here.

T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada United States

Yes, this arena is placed in the same city as the aforementioned one. It has capacity for 20.000 people and we can add that it is the unofficial home of Conor McGregor, one of the best athletes in this sport and one that enjoys fighting with opponents. The owners of this impressive creation are Anschutz Entertainment Group (42.5%) also MGM Resorts International (42.5%) and Bill Foley (15%). Anyway, the location is appreciated and considered as one of the best options fans have today. You can see UFC rankings as well and you can enjoy fighting more than at most other stadiums. You can even watch ultimate fighter finales, see many illegal elbow strikes and witness historic ufc moments. A heavyweight champion will want to fight here and he may even get the chance for that.

Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada United States

If you like Mandalay bay events, fighting and also casinos you will enjoy this place. First of all it has been with us for ages. The arena was opened in 1999 although the construction started a year before. There are 12.000 seats inside which isn’t as much as at the grand garden arena but it is still a sufficient amount of space. Even the UFC president likes the place. Here you can see celebrities such as  Anderson Silva, Stipe Miocic, Dana White, Brock Lesnar and many others. It is home to combat sports and one place where WWE stars received the key to popularity. You can also enjoy MGM Grand and MGM Grand Garden if you like. And you can even try the online casinos

that are presented there. Anyway, a tournament here is special and something you will want to witness.

Mexico City Arena, Azcapotzalco, Mexico City, Mexico

This arena was opened in 2015 and it can accommodate 22.300 people. The best-known event in the history here was a fight between Velasquez and Werdum and we can say that this UFC fight made things popular. Yes, you can visit Abu Dhabi and Fight Island but this place is simply different. It is loaded with all UFC elements you can imagine and it is completely dedicated to this sport only. In a nutshell, this is one place that can be compared to Yas Island and where fights will be appreciated for years. Mexico City Arena is modern, a nice place to be and comes with all accommodations a fan will ever need. It is a real pleasure being able to come here and watch a fight or the whole tournament. The cost of this arena was $300 million which is impressive and can be compared even today with some of the best arenas all over the globe which share the same or at least similar purpose.

Ball Centre, Montreal, Canada

This arena is one of the oldest on the list. It does have a special title and it was known as Malson Centre. Anyway, it was opened in 1996 and it can accommodate 23.500 fans. This is impressive and it is one of the reasons why the arena has been a common choice for many fans. You can see Jon Jones and many others here almost on a daily basis. You can also enjoy some of the most thrilling experiences and some of the best fights in the world. The price was just over C$270 million. But, if we consider the inflation the price today would be over $400 million. As such, this is one of the most expensive places on our list and one of the best.


These arenas are special and they are all places that you are going to love and appreciate. If possible go out there and visit all of them. Enjoy some of the best fights and enjoy some of the most impressive winnings. It is all possible here. Keep in mind that you can also enjoy all kinds of things nearby each of the arenas such as casinos, restaurants and more. There are no limits here and all of the places are designed and made to help you have the best fun in your life.

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