Top 2 Matthew Stafford Moments

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Number Two: Fake Spike Against Dallas

The fake spike game. What a game this was. You have Calvin Johnson going bananas, catching for 329 yards. The Lions making a 4th quarter comeback, the Cowboys imploding, this game had it all. Nothing was better than the game-winning drive by Stafford. The Lions started on their own 20 with 1:02 left and no timeouts. Stafford led one of the best drives ever. He found Kris Durham for a big play on one of the best passes I have ever seen. Then he found Calvin getting the ball down to the one but the Lions had to hurry. Stafford was yelling for a spike, no one was looking. Boom Stafford does the fake spike for the game-winning touchdown. One of the craziest endings ever.

Number One: Game Winning Touchdown With A Hurt Shoulder

Stafford’s rookie season, the Lions were looking for their second win since going 0-16. The Lions had the ball with eight seconds left from the 32. Stafford threw a hail mary which he hurt his shoulder on. That pass was intercepted but a pass interference flag on the Browns moved the Lions to the one with no time left. Stafford came back out on the field with a hurt shoulder and threw the game-tying pass to Brandon Pettigrew. Jason Hanson sunk the extra point, as the Lions won thanks to Stafford and his heroics.

Stafford gave us so many awesome moments. Thank you for everything.

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