Top 10 Fantasy Players This Year (not based on just points)

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The Fantasy Football MVP. Lamar Jackson.

#10. Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings RB – Dalvin Cook was on a different level this season before getting banged up. He is expected to miss this Monday Night Football matchup vs the GB Packers so if you have him in your lineup, go switch him out. And pick up Mike Boone. Based on Yahoo PPR scoring, Cook produced 144.70 points throughout the first 5 weeks…. that’s absurd. I know Cousins was struggling big time but for you to take Cook in the 2nd round and have him put up an average of 28.94 per week is crazy. I’m sure you won most of those first 5 weeks. If Cook could’ve stayed healthy this full year, he would be up with CMC and Lamar, or even Michael Thomas for fantasy MVP.

#9. Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers RB – Austin Freakin’ Ekeler…. thats all I should say on this. If you have him, you know exactly what I mean here. The guy has been a BEAST. Yeah, MGIII is back after his holdout but Ekeler is still producing big points. Per ESPN, Ekeler is the 3rd running back this season…. and has only scored under 10 points in ONE WEEK. Thats insane. The receiving back for Rivers has been a tank and im sure he helped you make your way to the playoffs this year. Not to mention you drafted him after round 10?

#8. Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs WR – TyFREAK. I took him round 1 in my 3 drafts, and that came back to bite me when he got hurt in week 1. BUT, since returning in week 6, he hasn’t scored less than 10 points in ESPN PPR scoring besides the game he got hurt in the 1st Quarter vs LAC. Tyreek is always a huge threat to score long touchdowns and rack up points for you. One of my favorite players and he helped me make the fantasy championships in 2 leagues from his 23.80 performance last week.

#7. Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers, RB – There’s a reason packer fans chant “MVP” when Jones touches the ball. In ESPN, he is the 4th overall RB. Thats big considering I drafted him in the 5th round in one of my leagues…. (everyone went WR and QB heavy I don’t know why). AJ has had 5 multiple touchdown games, with some of those being 3-4 touchdowns which is BIG points. Odds are if you have him, he helped you smash some teams.

#6. Patrick Mahomes, you know who he is I shouldn’t clarify it for you – The former NFL and Fantasy MVP has had a down year, but he has still exploded in some weeks, scoring points like 37.1, 43, 37.2, 27.5, 40.6, and 31.5. Now, I know that is good and all but im sure you drafted him in the first or second round and expected him to pop off for 40+ again every week like last year. But, Mahomes got injured in week 7 and hasn’t looked exactly the same since. Im sure if you have him, you’re starting him every week with confidence because he’s basically matchup proof.

#5. Russell Wilson for MVP? – Wilson has been unreal this year…. for the most part. Wilson has thrown for 3+ touchdowns in multiple games and even broke 50 points one week in Yahoo scoring. Wilson has shown flashes that he should grab the MVP trophy, but simply it hasn’t been enough to actually get his hands on it. Wilson in ESPN is the 3rd overall QB and has been huge in most weeks for us who drafted him.

#4. Deshaun Watson, you know him! – Watson is the number 2 overall QB in ESPN and his ability to run is a big reason why, he has been able to get out of pressure scenarios and either make a bomb throw on the run or dash for the first down himself. Watson was a high pick this year in the offseason and rightfully so, he has produced basically every week and is averaging 22.3 points per week. Stud.

#3. Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints WR – The GOAT. The number 1 receiver. The man who’s going to break records. Michael Thomas is on another level this season… it’s almost easy for him to record 10 catches a game and 100+ yards… what a freak. Michael Thomas, for me on a personal level is my MVP because of how insanely consistent he is. He averages 9.5 catches a game. He averages 24 fantasy points a game in ESPN PPR scoring. I’d take him in the top 3 next year allllllllll day.

#2. CMC, Panthers RB – The #3 overall pick in MOST fantasy drafts behind Barkley and Kamara has shown out, every week, ever day, every practice. He’s insane this year. Yes, he was awesome last year but McCaffrey has been the number 1 RB and the NUMBER 2 OVERALL PLAYER (in yahoo). If you were lucky enough to take him at 3, or you took him earlier… bravo. He has 18 touchdowns so far this season…. insanity at its finest.

#1. Hmm? Maybe Lamar? – The fantasy MVP this year, and most likely the NFL MVP also. Jackson has had ALL ravens fans forget about Joe Flacco.. lol. This guy has been a monster all season long. If I was a defense going against him I would be scared. If im playing him in my fantasy matchup, im scared there too. On the year SO FAR Jackson has thrown for 33 passing touchdowns and also adds 7 rushing touchdowns. His legs rack up points for you… including his 4 100+ yard rushing games this season. If you have him and you aren’t in the fantasy championships this week…. then the rest of your team must really suck because he can carry you all the way.

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