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Throughout history, many people hold the dream of winning a life-changing fortune from betting. However, just a few people actually achieve that in real life. Are you curious about those who are successful betters? Do you want to know about the match that they related to?

Today, w88 will bring you top 10 football-betting wins in football history and tell you how they manage to do that. Get ready to feel inspired!

10 biggest football-betting wins

10. The £116,000 win of George Wood


George Wood is a 22 year-old-man. He predicted that Manchester City would achieve 5-1 victory over Bournemouth in the match that happened in October 2015.

Wood promised to spend his winnings wisely, investing in stocks and setting up a business, as well as taking his lovely son to Disneyland and splashing £1,000 on another accumulator with a potential £200,000 return – we can only assume that he didn’t get quite as lucky another time.

9. The £170,000 win of a 33-year-old man


An anonymous 33-year-old from Cambridgeshire could quite possibly be the luckiest man alive after he won £170,000 within a week of placing his very first bet.

He had opened an account with bookmakers William Hill to try and earn some money to put into a savings account for his five-month-old son. He may not know that his child will have a decent head start to life before his eight bets win.

8. The £200,000 Leicester win 


One cool-headed better, who chose to remain anonymous after his victory, did stick it out to the very end, winning a massive £200,000. 

He won it thanks to Leicester City’s triumph in 2015/16. He placed the bet at the start of the season, they would have bagged a cool half a million.

7. The £272,000 win in 2011


In 2011, a lucky punter scooped a massive amount of £272,000 from a £2.50 bet. Then, Ladbrokes was confirmed to be the largest payout in their history.

The mystery better successfully predicted underdog champions for the likes of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers, before reaching a draw between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona in the Copa del Rey Round of 16.

With the game drawing to a close and Barcelona’ holding on to their 1-0 lead, the unfortunate punter’s hopes of a massive payout happened to be all but over.

That is until Fernando Llorente popped up in the 85th minute to change the situation. It didn’t change much for Bilbao, as Barcelona progressed to the quarter-finals already, but it did make one spectator a quarter of a million pounds richer.

6. The £417k World Cup Wager


The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is a memorable milestone. It is remembered by one punter for an audacious £417,000 bet that never came off. The anonymous better placed the largest bet in World Cup history backing pre-tournament favourites Germany to beat Spain in the Semi-Final.

The match was 0-0 at half-time before Carles Puyol scored the goal in the 73rd minute. The punter missed out on a potential £800,000 amount, however, it remains one of the biggest single bet losses on a soccer match ever.

5. The  £500,000 win: 30p at 1,666,666/1 odds 


The anonymous fan had placed a 15-event accumulator in August 2000, before the season had kicked off. Having well predicted the winners of the top five English leagues, three Scottish divisions, the Rugby Union champions and the cricket County Championship winners, it was true for Bayern Munich to win the Champions League and confirm the outstanding win.

4. The £585,000 win on William Hill website


The anonymous football fan from a small town in Malta had placed a 19-match accumulator via the William Hill website, with the final game to be played between two big teams Chelsea and Liverpool. 

With Chelsea favourites, things didn’t look good when first entering the match. Liverpool surprisingly scored midway in the first-half, before Daniel Sturridge levelled  following the break. The game appeared to be reaching for a draw at the beginning until former-England right-back Glen Johnson appeared with three minutes left to play to score what proved to be a £585,000 goal.

3. The eight matches £650,000 win 


Predicting eight-match outcomes correctly is impressive, but predicting eight results while the games are already in play is even unbelievable. 

For this lucky Londoner, it certainly paid off, as he predicted the biggest accumulator win in football history. After a number of twists and turns it popped up likely that Coventry City, 2-1 down against Leyton Orient, would be the only side to let him down – until Jim O’Brien struck in the 91st minute to confirm the draw and earn a winning of an unbelievable £650,000.

I am sure that it could not be a bad return for just 20 nerve-wracking minutes and the biggest football accumulator win ever.

2. The Moyes Misery Denise Pensioner £1 Million win


A pensioner from Pembroke in West Wales had successfully predicted the outcome of 14 out of 15 matches. He had even correctly predicted the champion of the North London Derby. However, when he was in need of Manchester United to defeat Liverpool, he was let down by David Moyes.

United did not win and the pensioner had to settle for a more modest £72,000 payout.

1. The Euro 2016 £1 Million Winner


It is true that a soccer punter can become an instant millionaire from a bet they have placed. In 2016 that was a case applied for a certain British kitchen fitter by the name of Daman Chick.

The Aston Villa fan defeated the £5 wager backing Portugal’s Eder to score the winner in the 109th minute of the Euro 2016 Final against France, making the punter win £1 Million. 

Final words,

Betting makes sports more interesting. While every year, many people spend a huge budget on betting, some even lose all their estate for a match. The amount of people who won the bets is still limited. 

Although there are many other sports betting players, they also win small sums. And they are still doing it for their next bets in hopes of achieving their dream of winning their betting career. Fun88 bookmakers offer some useful betting tips to get you started.

Hope you know that although betting can add on great experience and joy, please take it just as an entertaining work, not the reason for watching every single amazing match. 

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