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Tony Romo’s Wife Is Hot; Demarcus Ware Comments On Whether Tony Romo Is A Hall of Famer

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Tony Romo ranks as one of the greatest Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks of all time. While it would be hard to say that he accomplished more than Troy Aikman, he is certainly at least in the running for the Top 3 with Roger Staubach. While Tony accomplished a lot on the field both at the college and professional level, it’s safe to say that off the field he scored even bigger.

Tony’s wife Candice Crawford Romo is an absolute smoke show! Don’t believe me? Check out some of the pictures below!

Speaking of Tony Romo, former Cowboys teammate Demarcus Ware commented on whether or not Romo belong in the Hall of Fame. Romo is a four-time Pro Bowler and ranks in the top 10 all-time in passer rating and yards per attempt. During his 13-year NFL career, he consistently ranked among the yearly league leaders in those two categories, as well as completion percentage and passing touchdowns. See what Ware had to say below regarding Romo’s potential hall of fame admittance.

“From his resume, yes. If it’s going off championships, no. If it’s one of those things where you’re looking at a Hall of Fame quarterback according to how many titles they won, he won’t make it. But, from the way he played and the stats that he put up, all of that? Yes. He’ll make it for sure. Especially with his image now in the media, being a big-time guy on television. So, he is the perfect candidate for it.”

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