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Tony Gonzalez’s Wife Is HOT; Will Julio Jones Be Traded?

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There are talks swirling around the internet that the Atlanta Falcons are considering trading away Pro Bowl receiver Julio Jones. Now, while this does make sense in the grand scheme of things for the Falcons, I don’t see this panning out well for them. Are they assuming that with an aging Matt Ryan that he will be able to led the offense and even have Calvin Ridley step up as their number 1 threat. The Falcons really need to keep Jones for at least one more season. He is the heart and soul of the organization and trading him does nothing good for the locker room. Also, what exactly are they thinking they’ll get in return for Jones? He’s not worthy of a 1st round pick, because of his potential cap hit, and he is aging. You also can’t forget that Jones was injured this last season and missed significant playing time. All in all I see the Falcons choking this one away and trading him out of town for some garbage time picks.

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